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Company Message


Corporate Philosophy

  • To enthusiastically contribute to the society through systematic development of technology based on wisdom, knowledge and practice, and by establishing a new information technology culture;
  • To contribute to the society through the accumulation of technology performed by our technical staff, through awareness of their social mission;
  • To create a workplace in which employees can have the peace of mind and the belief that what is accumulated in the corporation and the constant challenges we undertake promise stable growth for the present and future of the corporation.


Management Vision

 Vision 2015

    To Become the Ideal Software Company


Our Vision and Way

  1. Spiral-up” through autonomy, challenge, and evolution.
  2. Create Innovations that benefit our customers through “New Combinations”.
  3. Aim to be a “Global Niche Top” company.


  1. Spiral-up
    We will continuously enhance and evolve our Company, people, and processes by acting autonomously and facing challenges without fearing failure. Reflection and correction, the so called PDCA cycle, are important for improvement, but these alone are not enough. We must create a positive, upward spiral of continued improvement by pulling in new and existing technologies, people, and partners. We call this type of positive cycle, “Spiraling Up”.
  2. New Combination
    “New Combination” is another phrase meaning “Innovation” that applies to creating new business models. The new combination of existing things (technologies, people, methodologies) is also an innovation. We emphasize this point and advocate the term “New Combination”. We must recognize that innovation is not always bound by the high hurdle of creating something new from zero, but includes creating new combinations for our customers’ benefit from the process that empowered by “Spiral Up”.
  3. Global Niche Top
    Our worldwide strategy has been to become the global number one in our market niche, or Global Niche Top (GNT). With the advent of globalization and advancement of information & communication technologies, small and medium sized companies like us are expected to be a key player for innovation because of our mobility and flexibility. Aiming to be a GNT means we will play a part for the re-emergence of Japanese industry in this expanding global market. We will expand our business based on our long proven experience, and continue our quest to be a true GNT company.
Kazuhiko Fukushige, President and CEO
Metatechno, Inc.